5 Easy Ways to Increase your Home’s Value

In today’s economy, homeowners have really been getting the short end of the stick. Whether you’ve lost your home due to foreclosure, tried to move and sell your home, or tried to refinance and discovered that your home is worth less than what you owe on it, you’ve probably gotten bitten a couple of times.

Are you looking at the possibility of selling your home soon, or are you considering refinancing sometime soon? If you fit into either one of those categories, then today, we’ve got 5 easy tips that could help you increase your home’s value.

1. Consider building a deck or adding to your current one. My family added a deck to the house that they live in just after moving in (I’ve since moved out). Since then, it’s been used for multiple reasons, anything from just hanging out to hosting parties. So not only are you adding on something that’s especially useful, but you’re potentially adding several thousand dollars worth of value to your home, depending on the size of the deck and what material you use (wood decks give a little less value than composite ones).

2. Remodel your basement. Have you been thinking about making your dingy basement into a finished one? Do it. Many people who are in the market to buy a home are looking for unique traits like finished basements. More people are entertaining in their homes nowadays, so this home improvement (and adding a deck, like mentioned above), can also help you save some money in the long run. It’s always more fun to hang out at home when you have a room specially made for that purpose!

3. Make your yard pretty! Is your yard just some grass and maybe a tree or two? Consider putting in hedges or other decorative foliage. Don’t make it tacky; subtly make changes that make your home and acreage just a little more appealing to the eye when you first come upon it.

4. Energy efficiency is key. This is the buzzword for everyone. Consider replacing your windows, shingles, and insulation if you’re able to. If you can swing it, get energy efficient appliances that will stay with the home after you leave. The less energy it takes to run the home, the more appealing it is to many of today’s potential home buyers.

5. Take a look at your kitchen. Whether you actually eat in there or not, the kitchen is the most-used room in the home. Everyone has to eat, don’t they? Don’t think that this means that you must totally tear up your kitchen and start all over. Is the look modern? Do you have energy efficient appliances (like I mentioned above)?  Do your cabinet doors need to be fixed and/or replaced? Is there plenty of shelf and/or counter space? Do you have a pantry? All of these things should be taken into consideration when evaluating your kitchen.

If you’re not in a rush to sell your home, don’t disregard this advice!   Doing home improvements over a long period of time can be helpful when you finally do decide to sell your home. Have a great week, and we’ll see you here next week!

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