Financially feasible fitness

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States; it’s estimated that over 60% of Americans are overweight. Being overweight has always been an issue for a lot of people I know. Take Ali for example: She’s 26 years old, 5 foot 3, and 250 pounds. She’s built tough and still has a lot of strength amidst her large girth. She knows that obesity is bad for both her financial and physical health. But, she’s paying off college loans, is underemployed, and just can’t afford a gym membership or something similar.

Ally is determined to lose the weight though. She’s made a lot of lifestyle changes in order to reach this goal, which is great considering she was almost 300 lbs at one point. The fitness is still a struggle though. She’s told me about a lot of the resolutions that she’s had to increase her activity while not decreasing her savings account, and I’m sharing those with you today.

Ally realized that one of the most important things was that she needed to walk more. She has bad knees, so she has to be careful with the impact that hard surfaces can have on them, but there’s a few things she’s done in order to get more steps in a day.

  • Park further away. When Ally was in college, she didn’t buy a parking permit so that she would force herself to park off campus and walk. The extra activity lost her that first 50 lbs and cost her nothing. Instead of darting into that incredibly close spot, Ally parks further away from the doors of the store she’s going to. Even that extra 100 feet gives her some sort of activity to add onto her day.
  • If it’s nearby, walk instead of driving. Right now she doesn’t, but when it gets warmer, Ally plans on walking to her church on Sunday mornings- it’s less than 2 miles from her house. Not only is she getting exercise, but she’s saving gas money too.
  • Go with a buddy. Ally loves to walk with the students that she volunteers with. It gives them time to talk and hang out, and neither one of them have to spend a penny to do it. Saving money and spending quality time together while getting healthy? I think that’s a win-win all around.

Ally admitted that one of her issues is being at home a lot. Being underemployed can do that to you. So, she’s figured out some ways to add to her activity while at home.

  • Invest in a game system. Ally received a Wii for Christmas a couple of years ago. The great thing about the Wii is that it’s fairly inexpensive and has a variety of motion-based games for you to use. Ally says the boxing games wear her out!
  • Use household items as barbells. Ally has a lot of spare time on her hands when she’s just bumming around the house. She just grabs a can of whatever and lifts it up and down like a barbell. It weighs almost the same. The only issue may be the grip, but just make sure you get a can that fits in your hand.
  • Do leg exercises at the computer. Ally looked up office exercises online and discovered that there are endless leg exercises that you can do while sitting at the computer. Look them up! Ally jokes that she uses them while she’s putting her resume in at different jobs.

Who says you have to get a pricey machine or pay a monthly fee in order to get fit? Ally’s figured out lots of ways to get fit while paying little to no extra money, and it’s working for her. It’ll work for you too; like Ally, you can truly work out your body without wearing out your wallet!

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