For Those With Damaged Credit

Sometimes we all make unwise financial decisions or take on more credit than we can handle. Sometimes we acquire bad credit from unfortunate circumstances like going through a divorce, loss of a spouse,  or experience  medical issues that results in the inability to work or excessive medical bills. Regardless how you get into debt, I think we can all agree that its much easier to get into debt than to get out of it.

If you have bad credit, or have no credit history, chances are you can still get a credit card but it will cost you more and the terms will not be as good as those who have good credit. For example you may be approved for a credit card with a $500 credit limit, and you’ll probably pay an outrageous  interest rate, anywhere from 22% to 33%.  If you choose to take the card, use it wisely and make sure to make your payments on time. Keep in mind you’re using this card as a tool to better your credit and not another way to purchase.

If all else fails…get a secured card.

For those who don’t trust yourself or nothing else seems to work, you may want to consider getting a secured card. It’s very simple, you put your own money into a saving/checking account and that amount, or a portion of it, becomes the security of your credit card. If you don’t pay your bills, the card issuer will take the money from your reserved account to pay your debt. It may be hard to come up with the initial amount to deposit but it’s a good way to build a credit history. Since your main goal for using a secured card is to build your credit, make sure that the card issuer reports to a credit bureau, if not, the card is not going to help you build your credit. Many people who have used this method and have successfully made 12 to 18 months of timely payments then upgrade to a regular credit card.

As with any credit card offers, you have to beware of disreputable card issuers, especially with secured cards. Make sure to read and study the fine print before applying. Do not accept any offers from people that contact you about secured credit cards, make sure to do your own research and contact the company yourself. Ask questions whether there are application or processing fees and the interest rates and fees. Generally secured cards carry higher interest rates and higher fees.

…if all else fails , get someone to cosign a credit card.

If you can find a relative or a good friend who is willing to help, get them to cosign on a credit card for you. Keep in mind that if you decide to go this path and don’t make your payments, you can ruin the credit of the cosigner who would have to pay off your debt. So be extra careful, you wouldn’t want to do this to someone who was willing to go out on a limb for you.

Keep in mind that paying the bill in full every month is not necessary, but paying-off the monthly charges, and on time, will eventually prove that you’re no longer a credit risk!

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  2. cosigning credit card may lead to some unexpected and dangerous consequences.It will be easy to say be extra careful but greediness comes into play.

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