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Lately, I’ve been listening to this audio book called the “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach, and let me tell you that it’s awesome. I recommend this audio book to everyone, it’s a great read/listen, whichever you prefer. So while I was listening to it, I noticed some cool things that I thought I wanted to share with you.

When it comes down to it there are 6 approaches to wealth. Here they are.

  1. Win it. For example, the lottery. Did you know that over 500 Billion dollars have gone into the lottery business since the early 70′s when the lottery was first started? Imagine if all that money was put into an investment account, there would be over trillions of dollars right now. This is not a realistic approach but it happens to the very few. Do you know anyone who has won the lottery? Probably not, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting around for this one.
  2. Marry it. Wouldn’t it be great to marry your self into wealth? But lets face it, it’s not that easy to marry for money. Not only is it not easy to marry for money but “when you marry for money you pay for it for the rest of your life”. Good luck with this one.
  3. Inherit it. Now inheritance is actually a real approach to gaining wealth. Within the next 15 years, we’re going to see over 15 trillion dollars transfer from one generation to the next. But I mean, who wants to rely on their parents to past away so that they can get their money. No one I know, hopefully no one you know either. If you are fortunate enough to have your parents or family members leave you something after they pass, you can be grateful but don’t depend on it. Not a good way to live and you don’t want to rely on this for your retirement.
  4. Sue for it. Why work when you live in a country that pulls in 90% of all lawsuits made in the world? Just sue your way into wealth, right? Wrong. Again, you don’t want to rely on something like suing someone to get rich. This is not a real approach to wealth.
  5. Save for it. For all the little things we spend our money on like fast food and starbucks, this alone over a long period of time could end up to be a considerable amount. Say you spend on average roughly $10 for lunch and starbucks. Over a year it’s $3,650 and over thirty years it comes to 109,500! Now imagine you put this money away in the stock market in some kind of an index fund, which historically averages about a 10% return. Using this compound interest calculator, you would end up with 660,443.50! Isn’t this amazing? So yes, your daily fast food and starbucks is costing you over half a million dollars. This is also known as the Latte factor.
  6. Earn it. Yes, you can earn your way into wealth. Although the automatic millionaire has many great tips on how to accumulate wealth, the main concept of the audio is to pay your self first. What does it mean to pay your self first? It means that when you get your paycheck, before you pay anything or anyone, including the government, you make sure to pay your self first. When you automate this process electronically, it’s very easy to do because you don’t have to do it manually and the great thing is it doesn’t require motivation or work once its all set up. This is why out of all the 6 approaches, this is the most promising. As Bach mentions in the audio, you can start paying yourself as low as 1% of your gross income. Then over time, slowly start to increase your percentage and you won’t even notice it.

Just to let you know, I’m not getting sponsored or getting paid for saying any of this, I just want to share with you how much this program works.

So ever since I started listening to this audio, I made everything automatic and so far it’s doing great. As of now, I am automatically paying myself 20% of my gross income each paycheck. I stated out with 10% but then realized that I can afford to do 20%.

Having this process automated is the main key. Since it’s automated, you don’t have to worry about keeping your self motivated and that’s a huge factor, especially for me. Lets face it, it’s really hard to stay motivated 24/7 and thinking about finance day in and out. Another thing is when you have this process automated, once you have everything setup, you don’t have to work at it. Everything is automatic! It’s working for you while you’re not thinking about it.

The thing is, most of us know the concept of paying yourself first, but no one ever executes them. In his book, he pays down solid principles and honestly tells you that it’s not a get rich scheme. That it takes years for it to work. But its a solid plan that I think is guaranteed to work. What I like about the book is that it’s really simple to understand and easy to follow. If you have the chance, go check the book out for your self. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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  1. I was NOT a fan of his “Start Late, Finish Rich” book, but I’ll try and give Automatic Millionaire a shot via my local library… but I find him to be too cheerleader-y at times

  2. FB,

    I can’t say much about his “Start Late, Finish Rich” because I have not had the chance to read it yet, but the “automatic millionaire” is something that I can strongly say with confidence that it’s a great read. The main concepts in the book are very realistic and he lays down solid principles for everyone to follow. Although this is NOT a get rich over night type deal, its something that we can all work on piece by piece to get on track to wealth.

  3. Trust me, paying yourself first is the ticket. Start TODAY– compounding growth is magical– the earlier you start, the more phenomenal the magic.
    ~Millionaire Mommy Next Door, a bona fide millionaire mommy

  4. I’m a big fan of David Bach and the Automatic Millionaire. Yeah, he’s cheerleady and some things are cheezy, but he admits it. The things he says are very simple, anecdotal, and great first time reads for those looking to begin their financial freedom.

    I also recommend his Smart Couples Finish Rich book for those married, engaged, or thinking of getting engaged. Have the talk with your loved one early. Most marriages end because of money.

  5. There are two sub-components to the earn it category. Manage what you spend and maximize the return on investment on what you retain.


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  13. Number 2 is also equivalent with “Steal it”. ;)

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