Tips on Protection Against Phone Fruad


From Wiki, “Whether in the form of the consumer attempting to defraud the telephone company, the telephone company attempting to defraud the consumer, or a third party attempting to defraud either of them, fraud has been a part of the telephone system almost from the beginning.” Wikipedia has a nice section on phone fraud that you should check out. They break it down into fraud against users and fraud against phone companies. Very informative and very important stuff.

The thing is, many entrepreneurs think that they are too small to worry about fighting phone fraud but the truth is that they are the ones who gets caught in the fire. It’s better to be careful and watch out for these things because when it happens to you, its gonna seriously cost you.

Make sure that you’re aware of how it works:

  • Using default passwords programmed by the manufacturer is not a good idea. “Phone Hackers” can easily break into unused voice mail boxes and rack up thousands of dollars in toll charges. You want to make sure that all phone extensions are password protected, whether it’s in use or not.
  • Be careful when using long distance prepaid calling cards. There are thieves known as “shoulder surfers” who observe callers as they punch in their card account numbers in public and can steal your valuable minutes.
  • The best way to protect your business from phone fraud is to analyze your bills as soon as they arrive. You want to check for unusual calling patterns and be on alert to calls to the 809 area code in the Caribbeans.

It’s always better to be on the safer side then to get scammed and have to deal with a big loss.

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