The Importance of finding a good realtor

realtor.jpgHello everyone,

This is Kris from Mill1on, I am guest hosting for andy today. I wrote an article called the Importance of finding a good realtor. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a realtor. So lets get to it.


Studies have shown most people that are in the process of buying a home, or selling their home would never make the choice of doing it themselves again. Buying a house, or selling a house can be a difficult thing to handle, especially if it is your first time. Most people don’t know the first thing about finding a house, or selling their house. That’s why they have professionals out there to guide you in the process of making one of the most critical decisions one can make in their lifespan. So you ask yourself…


“What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a good realtor to sell my home?”


Here are a couple advantages of hiring a realtor:

  • A good realtor will determine what your property value is given in the area you live in. They will have a higher chance to sell your house at more than you could have done yourself.
  • A good realtor will also take care of all the legalities involved with selling a house. This can be very time consuming and difficult for first time sellers.
  • Last but not least, a good realtor will take care of your home as if it is their own. They will guide you through the process and make it very comfortable for you to sell your property.

Here are a couple disadvantages of hiring a realtor:

  • You must handle all the paperwork and legalities on your own. Disclosures, home inspections, valuation, negotiating the deal, closing, etc.  In addition to taking up a lot of your time, all this involves expert knowledge about real estate and the selling home process, which you may not necessarily have.
  • Buying or selling a house can be very time consuming. Not many of us have the time to go through the process of selling a house.
  • Homes that do get sold by their owners typically sell for lower prices than similar homes sold through Realtors.  This is because real estate agents are professionals in their field and know how to price your home for sale, as well as negotiate expertly with the buyers to get top dollar for your home.

I know when I buy or sell my first house I am going to hire a realtor to guide me through the process. Will you?

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