Current Net Worth January 2007

9002009.jpgI’ve been hit with some unexpected blows this month that will probably pull me away from meeting my goal to get debt free by Feb 26th. It sucks to say but looking at my situations realistically, I’m looking at pushing my goal two months back. But who knows, I might still have a shot at making it by the 26th if my tax return ends up being really nice to me. Anyway, two reasons for my set backs:

  1. My first hit came from my work. The way things are looking, I’m not going to be working at my main job again until sometime in May. Now this affects me because the goal date was made based on the flow of my current income and so without it, the caluclations is going to be off. However, when school starts back up I will still have my on-campus job which should help me. I expect this hit to cost me about a month and a half.
  2. Now with me not having a job until school starts, I will be completly free and in return will make me spend more than I usually do just to get out of the house to stay busy. This is my second hit. I’m not the kind of person who likes to stay in the house all day and do nothing but watch T.V. With my time off, I will probably be hanging out with friends, who are all about going to places and spending money. I am expecting this hit to cost me about half a month.

So overall, I’m thinking it’s going to set me back about two months.

Now enough of the bad news and on to some good ones.

  1. I just got my refund check from my school, which was 1325.00. This will all go towards my credit card debt and will bring it down to 3704.61.
  2. I did not spend no where near as much as I had expected for Chirstmas gifts so that saved me about another 200 dollars last month.
  3. I just found out that my friend who owes me money will be able to pay some of that back, which was something that was not in my “expected income” list.

As of now, my debt meter went from -$5029.61 to -3704.61 and I am expecting it to be hitting somewhere around the low 3,000.00 by the end of this month. Still not bad for someone whose unemployed, I think. 

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