Opps, actually…theres 62 days left

9002009.jpgOh man, Thank God Christmas shopping is over and done with. So I was one of those last minute shoppers and waited til the last minute and did my Christmas shopping on the 24th and let me tell you…it was no fun. I ended up spending $334.11 for christmas gifts, which was still under my original budget of $400.00 but probably could have saved about 50 bucks if I wasn’t so much in a rush. That’s why it’s a baaad idea to wait til the last minute.

Anyways, so there was a huge mistake in my countdown counter. For some reason, my counter was set to go off a month later than I had set it so there’s actually 62 days left in my countdown for getting out of debt. I was looking at the counter and thinking to myself it didn’t look right so that’s how I caught the mistake. Although the counter was set to go off a month later than what I wanted, it shouldn’t make a difference using my original expected goal date, Feb of 26th, because I had made the goal date based on the date veruses numbers of days left.

So here are the stats for this past week: I was able to pay off a nice round sum of 500 dollars and now I am currently at -$5029.61, which looks a lot better than my previous balance of -$5529.61. However, I will not be able to pay off much of anything next week because I will miss out on a weeks worth of paycheck due to my trip to Florida which will be from the 25th of December to the 3rd of January. I should still be okay though. After my two refund checks of $1400.00 comes in, I will be back on track ;D

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