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Carnival of Debt Reduction #81

Welcome to the 81st edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. I hope everyone had a nice and a productive weekend. I want to start off by giving big thanks to John at MightyBargainHunter for letting me host the carnival, it’s an honor.  I really enjoyed reading all the articles, there were many great submissions. I was very flexible with the selection of articles that were picked, but unfortunately for those that had no relevance to debt reduction I had to exclude them. In this edition, I took a small clip from each of the 25 articles to give the readers a brief idea on the topic. Other than the editors choice, these articles are posted in the order that they were received. Okay, without any further delay I present to you the Carnival of Debt Reduction. Enjoy! 

***Editors Choice***

Ask Mr. Credit Card reveals some Drastic Ideas for Debt Reduction. “If your present income has taken a hit and you money.bmpare very stretched, you may have to take some of the following steps to relief your debt payment burden”

Your Credit Score Secret explains the importance of your Debt to Credit Ratio and How they affect your Credit Report. “People are constantly commenting on what a good idea it is to make sure and pay off all of your cards every month in full to make sure to establish good credit and show that one can pay their bills. This is such a misconception and only leads to confusion. Having a revolving balance kept at the right percentage compared to your debt and you are on your way to a better credit report”

360 Degree Success on Money Consciousness: Do you have any of the 5 symptoms of Debt Overload. “In our society, so many people are overrun by debts. “Debt overload” is any situation where your debt is in control of you, instead of you being in control of your debt.”

Need To Be Debt Free explains how debt is the reason why Most Americans Will Not Have Enough To Retire. “To maintain their standard of living, experts say Americans will need to save ten times their annual pay in their 401(k)s by the time they retire.”

Kirby on Finance asks Is Your Own Ego Your Worst Enemy?Emotional spending and investing are created by our own perceived weaknesses, but just as a perceived weakness can cause us to handle our money poorly, so can an unreasonable perceived strength – an ego.”

Pfadvice brings us Wasting Money When You Think You’re Saving. “There are many instances when people believe they are saving money when in reality they are actually wasting it”

Suite 101 on The College Loan Process. “Find out how to manage the process before you dig into the hole of student debt”

John from QueerCents wrote A Costco Fable: The Day Money Became Real. “But by being forced to pay cash, and by having to wait for a discount, I was given a rare oppurtunity to view a $20 savings as real money.”

***More Great Articles***

Creditcardlowdown presents “Borrowing to pay me” and 19 other moronic things people do with credit cards. “20. Last spb_finance_2000.jpgand most obvious, but not the least: use a credit card when you don’t have the money to pay back the amount spent. Have a payment plan in mind before you make the charge.”

1031 Exchange Lowdown  posts Get divorced while screwing the women out of everything. “Divorce can be a dirty business – with the help of lawyers, your ex can easily play power games to gain an unfair advantage over you.”

My Two Dollars on Credit Cards that Pay you for Carrying a Balance. “Ohh, cash back on the interest I already paid. Gee, thanks for giving me some of my own money back.”

My Wealth Builder explains and illustrates Another Cost Of Having Debt-Weath Destruction. “Having $25,000 of debt can cost one over $2,600,000 of wealth.”

The Skilled Investor says If Personal Finance Is Difficult For You, Then Carefully Hire A Good Financial And Investment Advisor. “A good financial advisor could make things much better. A poor one could make things much worse.”

Debt Free 4 Ever states it’s 70% Attitude and 30% Hard Work. ”If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right”

FreeMoneyFinance brings up the question: Is It Ever a Good Idea to Pay a Credit Card Annual Fee? “Yes, under the right conditions, it can be worth it to pay a credit card annual fee. But for the vast majority, it’s not a good deal”

SearchLight Crusade explains Why Refinances Tend To Have Lower Payments. “…you should Never Choose A Loan (or a House) Based Upon Payment”

NCN gives Massive NCN Network Update! 11 Charts! Over $40,000 Paid! “well over $40,000 worth of debt has been paid in the last four months!”

CampusGrotto shares the Benefits of getting an MBA. “With tuition alone at the Harvard Business School at just under $40,000, an MBA will give you more college debt. Even with the combined student loans, the investment in education is worth the debt.”

FiveCentNickel on Georgia Upholds Ban on Payday Loans. “Supporters of House Bill 163 have argued that the state went too far in banning payday lending back in May 2004, and they want to bring the industry back, albeit with new regulations”

Information Age Education  posts Suze Orman Supports Financial Literacy for Women. “It’s a five month program to help you create a healthy relationship to money, make more out of the money you have for yourself and your loved ones, and gain more financial freedom.”

Mill1on questions Are You Living Paycheck To Paycheck? Save A Little. “Saving just 1% of your paychecks over a period of a year can save up to thousands over a 2-3 year period depending on how much you make”

Financial Hack lists 10 Ways To Simply Your Finances. “Consolidate all your investments at one company: By placing them all with one company, you can reduce the fees that you pay and it will be much easier to track how all your investments are doing.”

Money Under 30 says You’re In Debt. So what? “Let me make it very clear: debt is not you, and you are not debt. Your debt is a financial consequence of past life choices or circumstances. That is all.”

OhCash points out Things To Consider When Consolidating Debt. “Once things get to a certain point, often times people will start thinking about bankruptcy. For most people this is a scary concept. It will of course show up on ones credit report, and can remain there for up to 10 years after filing the case. It is at this point that many will start exploring debt consolidation”

Well that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the stay. I want to mention that the next edition of the carnival will be hosted at NCNBLOG so start getting in your submissions! Have a great week :)

Carnivals around the corner

Sorry for the late post on these carnivals, better late then never. 

I want to thank Will from wisebread for hosting the last weeks 7th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. As usual I want to point out three posts that caught my eye.

  1. Don’t let romance cloud your financial vision from Queercents.
  2. Rad from Daddy Financials on Debt Repayment Strategy.
  3. Clever dude shares his story on The stupid thing I did today.

Lazy Man and Money hosted the 92nd edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance

  1. Stuff You Outta Know posts Why hoarding airline miles is a foolish game
  2. Flexo from Consumerism Commentary writes The cost of buying a home over 30 years.
  3. What is your market value from Money and Such.

Ask Mr. Credit Card hosted the 79th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

  1. Free Money Finance writes a piece on How to get out of debt.
  2. Digerati Life shares with us How to Throw a Kid’s Birthday Without Spending a Fortune
  3. The Thinking Men writes an article called Financial Insecurity in America.

Well that about concludes it for me. I also want to mention the next edition of the carnival of money stories which will be hosted over at moneysmartlife, you can submit your articles here.

Carnival around the corner

street-carnival.jpgWow what a busy week it’s been, time is going by so fast I can’t believe it’s already March. I know that I had made it a goal last week to have my taxes filed then, but unfortunately I was not able to get them filed. Hopefully this weekend will be a better time to get them done. Well anyway lets get to the point, here are the carnivals for this week. There were many great entries so make sure you take the time to visit them. I picked out 3 articles that I liked from each carnival, enjoy.

Carnival of Personal Finance edition #89 at Binary Dollar.

  1. Sushimoney on Supercharge your Ira for 2007
  2. Simple guru writes Federal excise tax refund.
  3. Getting Green tells us How to pay for college without student loans.

Carnival of Debt Reduction #76 over at Money Smart Life.

  1. Change can be a good thing posts How I paid my debt in 26 months.
  2. Opportunitiesaplenty wrote 3 more money saving ideas to help you get debt free.
  3. Waroncreditcards writes a piece on Should borrow money to pay off debt?

Festival of Frugality # 63 at  Stingystudents

  1. Bean-sprouts posts Save money, save the planet.
  2. Ask Uncle Bill shares an article on Saving on Taxes.
  3. Bargainquest Saved 50% on her prescription drugs.

Also…I would also like to remind everyone that the Carnival of Money Stories #6 will be hosted on March 5th over at Money, Matter and More Musing so if you have some money stories, submit your article here.

Article of the week

Jimmy from Your Credit Advisor has an article called How to: Make Money with Balance Transfer Arbitrage, check it out. I liked this article because it’s well written and put together. It also provides us with ten rules for balance transfers.

Happy reading : )

Links around the corner

Picked out 5 articles that I thought you guys might like, check em out.

  1. Blogging away debt posts Super Simple Method for Debt Reduction.
  2. Kirby on Finance tells us How your broker is ripping you off.
  3. DigeratiLife on Top 20 Dumbest Business Ideas That Made Millions…Or Not!
  4. MollysBrother on How to lower your credit card APR.
  5. Blunt Money writes Tax deductions as a roadmap to success.

Article of the week

This weeks article of the week goes to Golbguru over at Money, Matter, and more Musing. He writes an article called Investing for Dummies:The Dart Board Model Portfolio.

“…Fama’s work suggests that the stock market is mainly governed by randomness due to a variety of factors. Due to this random nature, very complicated mathematics is required to attempt the prediction of performance at a future date”

Carnivals around the corner

Today I was featured in two carnivals:

Carnival of Personal Finance at The Simple Dollar.

Carnival of Investing  at Money Start Life.

As always, there were many great articles from these carnivals. Here are some that I liked.

Carnival of Personal Finance:

Carnival of Investing:

Make sure to check out these carnivals and articles if you’re looking for a good read.

Links around the corner

newspaper.jpgWhat better way to start the weekend then by reading some great articles to motive us to start our next week. Here are some money articles that caught my eye. Enjoy!

One frugal girl gives us Simple ways to save money while saving the world.

Jim writes up a nice piece called Understanding your Financial Fortress.

For all the vegetarians, JD gives us How to eat vegetarian on the cheap.

Golbguru explains The cost of higher education.

A Penny Saved shows how to Split your tax refund up into 3 ways

Digerati posts a nice article called Taxes-Personal Finance Tips.

More Carnivals

Today the infamous Carnival of Personal Finance and the Carnival of Real Estate were hosted.

Nickel over at Fivecentnickel hosted the 85th edition of  CoPF. There were many great submissions and I want to point out some that I liked.

Carnival of Personal Finance articles I liked:

Frugal from My1stMillionat33 hosted the Carnival of Real Estate. There were over 30 entries in this edition. Be sure to check it out.

Carnival of Real Estate articles I liked:

I want to thank Nickel and Frugal for hosting these great carnivals, Thanks guys!

Carnivals for the week

This week, I was featured in two carnivals.

One was other at Money, Matter and More Musing. Golbguru hosted the 15th edition of The Festival of Under 30 Finances.

Joe other at workingathomeinternet hosted the 17th edition of Working at Home Blog Carnival.

There were many great entries for both carnivals, thanks for hosting guys!If you haven’t checked em out yet, I suggestyou head over and start reading.