4 Basic Bill-Busting Tips

I’m a penny pincher. I actually enjoy finding ways to save money in whatever way I can. One of my favorite ways to save? Reducing the cost of my bills. Today, we’re going to look at four ways to bust those bills and save some big bucks. In this economy, every penny counts, so honestly, whatever savings I can get, I’m totally taking. Here are 4 basic tips for busting those bills.

1. Baby, it’s cold outside. Not really. Finally, it’s getting to the point that it feels like summer in the Northeast, where I live. I’m considering finally putting that air conditioning unit in the window. But, for those days that it’s kind of chilly outside, why in the world would you waste electricity to keep the house at 68 degrees? Check the weather outside and adjust your temperature a little bit so you don’t waste precious dollars.

2. Use natural lighting. I have incredibly inexpensive electric. My first month living in this apartment, my electric bill was $13. It’s a little bit higher now that I have a computer that takes a lot of power to run, but generally my bill is not over $30. How did I do this? Well, because I take advantage of the sun. I open my blinds and use the sun to light my house. The only place I can’t do that is my bathroom, only because there are no windows in there. Oh well. Open those windows wide and let the sun light your home!

3. Pay for multiple months.  This is about everyone’s favorite bill: the car insurance bill. Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars a year just by lumping your insurance into 6 month increments? For example, I pay $300 every six months. If I didn’t do that, I would pay $400 in that six month period of time. That saves me $100 a year. Huge savings! Progressive (http://www.progressive.com) allows you to compare different car insurance companies to get your best cost, and if you fill out the quote sheet, you can see the huge difference between paying monthly and paying bi-annually.

4. Consider cutting the cable. I haven’t had cable in 2 years. I was never a huge TV watcher, I only used it for background noise. So, I got a radio and use that instead. First, that’s anywhere from $20 to $100 I’m saving a month by not using cable. I share a Netflix account with friends, and I use Hulu on my computer, so if I really want to watch something, I absolutely can! Why spend money on something that I can access in other ways and, often times, for much cheaper. Even though this may sound like a foreign concept to you, try it. Really, it could be a welcome change to your family. Another perk to this? My electric costs are even lower because I’m not running a TV all of the time. Sounds like a win-win to me!

What other bill busting tips do you have? Have you tried these before? How have they worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll see you here next week!

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