Brr! How to take the Chill out of Heating Costs

Today, I’m sitting in my apartment with a robe and slippers on and watching the protective cover on my moped fly around. It’s really windy today! Finally, after a few months of what should have been winter, we finally actually have winter! This is a happy¬†occasion¬†for students… adults, not so much. We’re cold, and now we have to worry about heating costs.

Luckily, my heat is included in my monthly rent. But what if you don’t have that luxury? Today, we’re going to look at some things that you can do in order to take that chill out of your heating costs, whether you live in a 1 bedroom apartment like I do, or have a two story home.

First, make sure that everything in your home is up-to-date. Shingles on the roof, insulation in the walls, whatever it is that needs to be updated in order to keep the heat in and the cold out, do it. It may feel like a financial burden at first, but in the long run, it could save you more than you’re spending for it.

Another thing to consider when getting ready for the winter time cold is doing those extra things that can help keep heat in your home. Put down your storm windows, put that plastic covering over your windows, and put draft dodgers in front of your doors. Keep that cold out!

One bad habit that I have is the fact that I will adjust the heat up and down according to how cold it is. Don’t do that! If it warms up for a couple days, keep it at the heat you had it; the heater takes a lot more energy when trying to catch up quickly then it does to maintain a specific temperature. So, don’t follow my bad example; keep the heat at 68 or 70. It’s okay to turn it up and down 2 degrees, but 4 or 6 can increase those costs by 10 to 25 percent.

Another thing to watch out for is how open your house is. I have a four bedroom apartment where, if I have all of the doors open, it’s essentially a big open box. It’s hard to heat a big open box efficiently. So, I close some of my doors during the winter. It helps keep each individual part of the house warmer while using less energy.

If you own your home, look at the type of heat that you have and consider switching if you are able to. Some types (heating oil especially) are more expensive than others.

Finally, I always jokingly say that you can always put more clothes on. It’s cold, put a sweater on, use an extra blanket, wear slippers. You don’t necessarily have to use your heating for all of your warmth, use the other things that you already have in your home.

So, stay warm, it’s cold out there! Bundle up, enjoy the warmth of your home, and have a great weekend in this arctic chill!


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