Post-Holiday Sales you Just Can’t Miss!

Yesterday, I ventured out to Staples to get a keyboard that a friend had gotten me for Christmas and had sent to the store. Thankfully, Staples isn’t on the list of “top places to go” in my town before the holidays. I was there maybe 15 minutes tops. That wasn’t the case for the rest of the plaza that Staples is located in; Kohl’s, Target, Five Below, and Giant (our grocery store) had full parking lots. It took me longer to get in and out of the parking area than I did in the store.

The few days before and after Christmas are hectic. Stores are packed; the days before Christmas involve getting last minute gifts, while the days after are full of returns. Because of this, many retailers take advantage of the moment and put out some amazing sales. Hey, if people are going to be there anyway, why not take the time and get them to buy other stuff while they’re there, right? If you’re brave enough to fight the crowds, there’s a few things that you should go out and look for in the few days after Christmas.

- Holiday items. Many of the holiday decorations that I possess are from post-holiday sales. This isn’t only the case for Christmas; many retailers will greatly discount holiday and/or seasonal items after they occur. The Christmas tree that sites in my living room was only $10; the decorations on it came to a dollar total.

- Electronics. Did you not get the TV that you wanted? Well, check out your local electronics store and see if it’s on sale. Manufacturers of electronics usually put out new products during late January/early February. So, after Christmas is the best time to slash prices and get the old stock out of there. ¬†Also, in the same token, video games usually get reduced by a lot after Christmas, even if they’re ones that came out just in time for the holiday season.

- Vehicles. Like electronics, the new models are brought out toward the end of the year. Clearing a car lot of old models has been difficult in recent years (the most difficult since Cash for Clunkers a few years ago), so end-of-year sales that fall right after the holidays have become popular. If you’re even thinking about getting a new car, after the holidays may be a great time to look.

- Getting fit. Manufacturers and retailers alike take advantage of New Year’s resolution-makers in this regard. Home gym equipment, fitness videos, gym memberships, and even simple things like dieting journals and pedometers can be found for big discounts.

These definitely aren’t the only things that are great to buy after the holidays roll around, but they’re definitely some of the most popular. Also consider looking at jewelry and candy (maybe get ready for Valentine’s Day early?), baby items, and winter clothing (especially coats). There’s probably a ton more that I’m missing, but at least this gives you a starting point. So brave the crowds and look for those great end-of-year deals. Happy Holidays!

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