Tips for Throwing a Frugal and Fun Halloween Bash

Whether it’s because your little guys talked you into it, your teenagers need something to do to stay out of trouble, or your friends nominated you as a host, you’re stuck with it, a Halloween party. If you love the holiday or hate it, you’re about to be celebrating it and you don’t want to dump your life’s savings into it. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit, but here are some tips to help you keep the costs down for some Halloween fun!

For kids:

-        Free ice cream! Well, not free for you, but if you’re looking for party favors, go to your local Wendy’s or McDonald’s and get a few books of their special Halloween coupons. Everyone can get a free Frosty or ice cream cone. These work really well as a part of bags to hand out to trick-or-treaters too.

-        Make your own and take them home party favors. Party favors and an activity wrapped into one? What a novel idea! There are tons of ideas online for inexpensive crafts that you can do with the little guys, and they get to take them home too! For a fun Halloween twist, have it be something that they can throw some candy into as well.

For teenagers:

-        Ghost Tours. Are a couple of your teens’ friends coming over? If your area has a historical flair like mine does, many of the small towns offer inexpensive ghost tours for individuals and/or groups. I’ve never been on one, but I’ve had friends who had and they say they’re a lot of fun.

-        Scary movie night. RedBox and Netflix make a movie night cheap and fun! Get some popcorn (the kernels are a lot cheaper than microwave popcorn, if you have the means to pop it) and soda, curl up on the couch and scream. A lot. You may want to get the other members of your household earplugs for this one.

For adults:

-        Have everyone chip in a bit. Yeah, sometimes it’s awkward to ask for people to bring stuff when you’re hosting a party, but they are invading your house. Okay, maybe you don’t see it that way, because they are your friends. Let me reassure you, if you’re hosting something and say “bring something,” people really won’t mind. They’ll probably be grateful that it’s not their house that’s a mess in the end.

-        Frugal costume party extravaganza! One of the best ideas I’ve ever heard for a fun, cheap party is a costume party where your costume has a price limit. How creative can your friends get with only $10? Most costumes you buy from the store are usually twice that, so it forces your friends to use their imaginations and their creativity in order to make the best costumes. For even more fun, have a contest with prizes that are just as creative and under the same types of restrictions as the costumes!

So, maybe it won’t be so bad, and your bank account won’t suffer from this holiday that is meant to be fun! Have fun planning your fun and frugal Halloween event, and until Thursday, have a great week!

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