How Do I Save on Bills That I Can’t Just Eliminate?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the possibility of eliminating your cable bill. It’s not a radical idea; it’s something that’s become a lot more feasible in past years. But what about those bills you can’t eliminate? What can you do to save on electric, phone, water and everything else that you may not be able to totally get rid of? Today we’re going to look at a few of those and talk about different ways that you may be able to reduce their impact on your budget.

Electric: Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you the common sense answers, but I do want you to know a couple things you may not have known could save you.

-        Shop around. In some states, like my home state of PA, you’re allowed to find who provides your electric. Your company stays the same, but they have various providers. Shop around, you could save a few cents.

-        Utilize the sun. I don’t turn the lights on when the sun’s out, except in my bathroom because there’s not any windows in there. The sun is there, why waste your precious electricity if there’s natural light? It’s better for you too. It also helps keep your house warm.

-        Prevent latent electricity usage. Electricity is used when items are plugged in, even if they aren’t being used. Unplug things that you don’t use often, or if you’re going away for vacation.

               Water:  I, thankfully, don’t pay for my water, but here are a couple things you can do to lessen your water and sewer bills if you’d wish to.

-        Enviromentally-friendly toilets. If you own your home, the low-flow toilets are a great idea. They use less water when you flush!

-        Fix leaks. Leaks totally kill your water bill. Calling a plumber to fix it is cheaper than letting it linger.

-        Take shorter showers. I grew up with a well. I learned how to take a 10 minute shower. It’s not as hard as it looks.

               Phone: Most homes today don’t have a house phone because so many people have cell phones. But in case you do, I’m sharing some ways to save on both your house phone bill and cell phone bill.

-        Consider a house phone. I use my house phone for a few purposes, and since it’s bundled with my internet, it costs me like $10 a month. This has helped me reduce my cell phone bill, first cause I can use it

-        If you have both a house and cell phone, drop long distance on your house phone. Your cell phone already has a certain amount of anyone, anywhere minutes. Why waste the money on long distance on your house phone?

-        Consider VoIP clients. My best friend and I don’t have the same cell phone provider, so if we can, we chat on Skype instead. Skype’s free if you aren’t using it for actual phone calls, but you can also consider it for phone calls for a small fee.

So, there you have it. Some easy ways for you to reduce necessary monthly bills. Until Thursday, have a great week!

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