4 Tips for Saving on Gas Costs

With a recession in sight, one thing that has finally been going down is the price of gas. I was away for two weeks, and in the time I was gone, gas went down almost 30 cents. Wow! I’m all about that, let me tell you. Anyway, gas is still expensive. Gone are the days of gas being under a dollar (I remember that happening shortly before I started driving, it was quite cool to see), heck, gone are the days of gas being below two dollars. I even have friends who think it’ll never go below 3 again; I disagree, but hey, who knows.

With gas still being a huge money guzzler, what can you do in order to reduce that big chunk of your budget? Today, we’re going to look at four big ways that we can cut the cost of getting around.

  1. Why drive? Do you live in a town like I do? Then walk or ride your bike! I understand that you may not always be able to do this (I’m currently on crutches, so obviously I can’t), but if you’re able to, why not? It’s healthy, and that’s less times that you have to fill your tank. It costs more to get in your car and drive two miles 15 times then it takes for you to drive 30 miles once, because town mileage on vehicles is so bad. So get a new pair of sneakers with the money you’ll be saving and take a hike!
  2. Perform regular maintenance. You’ve heard it before, it’s true, if you regularly get your oil changed, your car tuned up, and your air filter replaced when it needs to be, your gas mileage will be significantly higher and you will be significantly happier with the number of times you have to fill up your tank a month.
  3. Consider downsizing. Do you drive a gas guzzling SUV?  Consider trading that baby in for a nice car that may double, or in some cases, triple your gas mileage. Maybe most of your driving local and alone, like mine is? Then maybe it’s time to get a motorcycle or scooter, like I did. Best $350 I ever spent; in the 6 months I’ve had it, I’ve probably saved that much in gas, and I’ll have the thing for several more years.  If you can downsize, do it!
  4. Carpool. The most obvious of all of these. I have friends who live near DC, and their reward for carpooling is an awesome thing known as the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane. You can drive in this lane if you have more than 1 person in the car. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome reward, considering traffic during rush hour is crazy! Not only that, but if you have people to split gas with or take turns driving with, that’s less that you’re spending to fill up your tank on your own.

So, there you have it. Some simple, common sense ways that your gas tank won’t end up killing your bank account. Have a great week!

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