8 More Ways to Save Money Using the Web

By now, most people know that shopping online can literally save you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, each year. It’s estimated that the average web-savvy shopper saves over $7,000 a year by using the internet to their advantage! But, I bet a lot of you don’t know exactly how to search for the best deals. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the techniques that you can use to save yourself lots of cash, just by taking extra time to use the internet!

  1. Always check before you go to the store. Even if you are planning on going to a brick-and-mortar store, make sure you compare prices between stores. That MP3 player that is $75 at Wal-Mart may be on sale at Target for $50.
  2. Buy in advance. Tickets for movies, airplanes, and sports events are a ton cheaper when they’re bought way ahead of time. Also, getting a hotel room or renting a trailer, truck, or car end up cheaper. Now, I’m not saying buy like two years before you do whatever you’re doing (most websites only allow for up to a year ahead of time).
  3. Or wait till the last minute! Do you have a weekend free that you didn’t expect? You can get tickets and hotel rooms for a lot cheaper days before you need it because those places are trying to fill rooms up. Think about it: Empty rooms equal no money; they at least want to make something out of those rooms.
  4. Use E-bay and other auction sites. A lot of people get worried about this one. But, you don’t have to. Most websites (E-bay is the most reputable) have a lot of policies to keep buyers safe. You can find almost anything on these websites for much cheaper than you would anywhere else. You just have to be willing to take the time to do the research
  5. Online Bill Pay. Do you realize how much you pay for in stamps in a year? The Post Office may not like me to say that, but consider the following. You have 4 bills that you mail out in a month. Each stamp is 44 cents. You’re saving 1.76/month. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but when that adds up to 21.12 a year or 105.60 in 5 years, then you start to see the savings.
  6. Get your news online. Most newspapers have everything you’ll need on the internet. The advertising on their sites help give their writers and editors revenue. You can also use RSS feeds to get news from the sites that you want to get news from. And the best part? It’s free!
  7. Watch TV/Movies online. I currently don’t have cable. Why? Because honestly, I don’t need it. I don’t watch a ton of TV, and any TV or movies that I want to see are online legally. Now, I’m not saying bootleg, and I never would. I’m on a Netflix plan with my family where I can stream as many movies on my Wii as I want, and it costs us $7.99/month.
  8. Shop for Holidays and birthdays. My best friend and her husband live about 2 hours away- close enough for a weekend trip, but too far to go regularly. So, if I don’t get to see them around their birthdays or Christmas, I’ll buy their gifts on Amazon or another website and get them sent straight to their house. Some websites even offer gift wrapping! You save yourself shipping and a lot of headache.

So, if you didn’t know how to shop for deals online before, now you do! These tips can help you save lots of money and time in the long run, just by sitting at your computer and doing a little leg work!

  1. Great ideas. Personally I always buy tickets months ahead, Ive saved hundreds dollars in this way.
    Also i agree with the author, that watching movies online is a great idea.

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