Surprising Summer Savings – Act now!

As I look out my window, it’s really odd for me to even think about summer. 7 inches of snow earlier in the week, an extra inch or so today… will summer ever come? But, there are a lot of professional money-savers that want you to know that right now is the best time to buy a lot of things that you’ll use in the summer time. You’re probably thinking “Good. Because that rock salt was a lot more than I needed it to be.” Want to save before the warm weather hits? Then check out these categories of items now so that you save lots later.

  • Getting married? Over the past few years, I had several friends get married over the summer. Statistics say that it’s the most popular time to get married. Because of this, the cost of items such as champagne, party supplies, and gifts are lower than usual. Since the major holidays are over (the only other one that lends itself toward any of these items is Valentine’s Day in February), stores need to offload a bunch of this stuff to make room for summer stock.
  • Gardener or Yard Tender? Many items that you may use during the summer (lawn tools, seeds, and decorations) are usually thrown in the clearance section during the winter. They’re taking up valuable seasonal space, most people aren’t thinking ahead that far, and those same items may not be the “big hit” that next summer.
  • Vacations. In a way, this goes with getting married too. Booking your honeymoon or family vacation during the winter time is a great idea! Because travel isn’t as extensive this time of year, airlines will discount flights, even those that are scheduled for the summer, so they can get some sort of cash flow. Cruises will also drop prices to get the same thing. Family resorts and hotels also get booked up early, so the earlier you get these the better.
  • Clothes. I’m not someone who follows styles, so if I see something that I like on the clearance rack, I get it. It’s probably last year’s style, but who cares? Like everything I mentioned above, stores want to move old stock to make room for new stock. A lot of stores have their semi-annual sales during the winter as well. I have gotten jeans as cheap as 3-5 dollars each because of these sales!
  • Summer camp and classes. What? Yeah, I don’t have kids, but I know a lot that go to summer camps. A lot of them offer discounts for early enrollment. If you’re considering taking a summer class at a community college, a lot of schools will waiver or reduce your application fee and possibly give you a discount per credit.
  • Houses. You think I’m kidding! One of my best friends is moving today in the weather I described above. Not exactly the most pleasant experience. A lot of times, the cost of homes is cheaper because people really don’t want to move during the winter months. Also, if you are looking for a beach home or condo, it’s definitely a great idea to look during the winter when no one else is. You may find that diamond in the rough you want!

Spend a little more this winter to save a lot during the summer. Hot deals during the cold months are easy to find; if you’re snowed in, there are countless resources to help you look for any of these items on the internet.

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