Carnival of Money Stories #59

Welcome to the 59th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories, a carnival where we share personal experiences with money. I enjoyed reading all the article submissions and have selected 16 articles in this edition. You can learn more about the Carnival of Money Stories at their home Page here. If your article was not included in this edition it probably did not have a personal story relating to money. Check out this weeks article submissions and make your financial journey smoother by learning from experiences and mistakes from others.

Front page stories (Editors Picks)

Brip Blap presents Best Financial Move in College

I applied to Harvard on a whim, … I started the application, handwritten, in black ink and when that pen died I finished in blue ink. I did it because one of my friends told me there was no way I could get in, and I took the bet.

Living the Cheap Life presents When Bank Account Bonuses Come Back to Bite You

The thing is, sometimes the banks get really tricky with the requirements. Sometimes there are obscure terms and conditions in tiny print …the banks play dirty.

Frugal Dad presents A Personal Finance Wakeup Call

So there I was at the McDonald’s drive-thru with a dead check card, an over-the-limit credit card, an empty wallet and exactly fifteen cents in the change holder in my truck.

Dont Feed the Alligators presents An Ounce of Prevention Saves Tons of Burning Car

“HEY!!! Your car is on fire!” He turned and smiled and kept walking. “HEY!!!” I yelled again, “YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!”

Money & Fitness Blog presents My Mom Continues to Help Me Financially and She Shouldn’t Be

I have told my mother time and time again that all I want is a card but she continues to send money

Other Fantastic stories:

My Money Adventures presents Y’s Story: Part 2

My ex is a sleazebag. He grew up in a middle-class home with a middle-class mom and a middle-class dad…

The Q Family Adventure presents Handyman in a Making…

This week project is the flower pencil holder…

Finance Gets Personal presents I’ve Never Been So Happy About Not Taking a Week’s Vacation

…we’re taking a vacation in our own city, and our house will be the hotel

Fire Finance presents Beware – Citi Cash Returns Card Charges Hefty Over the Credit Limit Fees

…keep a tab of our credit card’s transactions via any system that works

Money Blue Book presents “Parking Wars” Reinforces Why I Dislike Tow Truck Drivers

The livelihood of tow truck drivers is based on their ability to successfully hide in the bushes with their getaway vehicles and lie in wait for hapless drivers to make a parking mistake or slip up

I’ve Paid for this Twice Already… presents One Person’s Coupon Trash Ends Up My Treasure

Not being one to turn down a coupon, I sorted through them, and found that most of them were for things we don’t buy or use.

The Financial Blogger presents My Smith Manoeuvre – April Update

In fact, it is more like gambling than investing!

My Daily Dollar presents Why Goals are Awesome

The great thing about the blog is that it’s so public. At first, it’s scary to put yourself out there, but then you realize that you have all these wonderful readers helping you along

Lazy Man and Money
presents The Power of the Dream

I haven’t felt like this since college. A good friend and I would stay up all night dreaming about business plans

Dough Roller presents How to Turn Mistakes into Opportunities

The fact is that some of our best successes are born out of mistakes. I’ve made many mistakes with The Dough Roller, and most of them have allowed me greater success down the road

Just Shoot Me Now presents How I saved $10 in Gas

“Honey, do you really want me to come be with you?… I’d rather not waste the gas.”

Thats it for this weeks edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. You can submit your money stories using this form here. If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Money Stories please go to the carnival home page under hosting.

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  8. I love this edition! I frequently submit to carnivals and it is a great way to get some exposure. A tip for those submitting – run your text through glyphius to get more people to click on your entry. It works for me every time.

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  10. The second edition of the Carnival of Money Stories is up and running at PT Money. Make sure you head over there and show your support for the many articles that made the cut!

  11. “When Bank Account Bonuses Come Back to Bite You” topic is a world wide accepted truth.The carnival of money stories creates huge impact on money saving strategies.

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