Budgeting: It’s all about the attitude

A budget is really nothing but a spending plan.

You may find yourself struggling with an unrealistic plan to save tons of money when what you really need to do is spend more wisely. If you think that you can meet your financial goals without some sort of a spending plan, you will find yourself very disappointed. Regardless of whether you make a hundred dollars a week or a million, the key ingredient to successfully making your money work for you is to create your spending plan.

The problem is that many people spend more money than they make and they don’t realize they’re spending too much until its too late and they’re deeply in debt. What you want to do is to decide in advance how to put your money to use instead of letting it happen accidentally. When you spend without some sort of a spending plan, you are not in total control of your money. In other words, your money is in control of you.

The driving force to keeping a spending plan, or budgeting, is all in the attitude. You want to think of budgeting as eating right rather than being on a diet. You eat what you want in moderate amounts, you don’t binge, you don’t deprive yourself, and yet you end up better off. The word budget, for some, creates images of sacrifice, penny pinching, and doing without the extra. I want to say that 90% of budgeting is mental, so if you find yourself overwhelmed when you hear the word budgeting, then you want to replace the negative image with a positive one.

Remember, the key ingredient to successful budgeting is a positive attitude.

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  1. Some people will not budget for fear of finding out just how poor a money manager they are. They wait until there is a financial melt down to begin one. What fools we are.

  2. I think that consumer’s attitudes to budgeting will change in line with this years economic environment. People no longer have the option, they don’t simply don’t have the credit facilities needed to carry on spending at such a rate.

    You can get a real buzz out of budgeting and living within your means is very rewarding!

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  4. A positive attitude is fine but without discipline to follow the plan there is little hope for any success.

  5. Some people do not have a budget because deep down most people know they’re spending more than they earn – they just refuse to admit it and continue to bury their head in the sand. Unfortunately this attitude makes the situation worse and useually ends up with debts getting worse.

  6. I think that budgeting requires some discipline and that’s why so many people don’t do it.

    To make a budget every month is giving us a chance to know our relationship with money and how to improve it, is like an alarm and at the same time a counselor. Even when we don’t completely follow the budget, it will show our weak points to start improving.

  7. A lot of people are budgeting nowadays due to economic downturn.Some of the people are very fruistated to cut their monthly budget as low as possible . But this is not the way, they should always try to have a positive attitude and deal with their budgeting.

  8. we must simply outline a set of spending priorities and must operate within those boundaries…it is always crucial that we must not spend more than we take in.Money and You by Habit changer gives some tools on saving and spending habits.

  9. yeah, I have many friends failed to reduce their debt is because they did not follow their planned budget strictly. This is due to lack of discipline and attitude problem.

  10. I was in a tight financial situation due to various reasons.I will regulate my spending expenditure.I will avoid unnecessary expenditures.Otherwise it will be a hard situation!I really like the quote,’a budget is really nothing but a spending plan’.

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