Some Qtips for the weekend


Wow, this was a very busy week and I’m glad the weekend is finally here. Lately these past few weeks, I’ve been so busy I’ve fallen behind on calculating this months net worth so hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow. But anyway, I wanted to leave guys with some general finance tips you can carry over this weekend.

  • Save the pennies and the dollars will save themselves. The small amounts really do add up.
  • Make the effort to educate yourself about personal finance. Go around and find some financial magazines and books.
  • Don’t forget to budget! Operating without a budget is like driving a car without a steering wheel, you have no control.
  • Start taking savings out of your paychecks before you even see it. After a while, you will get used to planning your spendings around your lower amount and at the same time your savings will grow.
  • Be smart and not cheap. You don’t want to buy cheap items that don’t last.
  • Be aware of your debt and don’t let your spending get out of control. If you notice yourself headed for trouble, act quickly before you ruin your credit.

Keep these tips in mind while you start your weekend and remember, millionaires are just average people who practice good habits. You could be one of them.


  1. One more from my side; dont go around, you ll end up spending so sit at your home read some pf magazine, or online blogs, post some,cook and eventually save money. I end up spending Rs 1000/- (Indian currency) if i get out of my house on weekends i.e around Rs 2000/- for the whole weekend. this amount is nearly 6.5% of my salary.:(

  2. Chef,

    You’re absolutely right, when I stay home for the weekend, I definitely spend much less. Even when I go out and I tell myself that I won’t spend any money, theres always another reason to spend money when I’m out. The best way to solve this problem, try to engage in indoor activities. Instead of taking my girlfriend out to the movies, we can just stay inside and enjoy the Sunday tv line ups. Great shows btw.

  3. Great tips!

    I agree, paying attention to the small items is key.

    Thanks for the great tip!

    SMASH Save Money and Stay Home with your kids

  4. I love your quote, “and remember, millionaires are just average people who practice good habits. You could be one of them.” My husband is constantly telling me that – he is an internet entrepreneur – and I think you both are right! :)

  5. My father always taught me to ‘never spend money you don’t have’. This has served me well as I am 24 and have never been in debt and never even applied for a credit card.

    Your advice is much appreciated on a World Wide Web which typically tries to suck money out of people.


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