Managers: How to Avoid Employee Lawsuits


In today’s society, it is really easy for employees to sue their employers and whats worse is that many employers do not realize until after they are sued that a lawsuit could have been prevented. Although “good intentions” goes a long way, they are in many cases not enough when it comes to a lawsuit.

So the key is to combine good intentions with the necessary legal/management skills and you will experience increased productivity, happier employees and a thriving workplace. Follow these 5 tips for protecting yourself from employee lawsuits:

  1. Hire carefully. You should look for people with strong work ethics and avoid hiring those who feel life owes them something.
  2. Keep good records on employee mistakes, even when they’re not firing offenses. Document your own actions and the reasons behind your employment decisions.
  3. Consider buying an employment practices liability insurance (EPLI).
  4. Do not discriminate in hiring, or permit sexual harassment.
  5. Have strong employment policies. Communicate them clearly to employees and enforce them.

Also, you want to listen very carefully and patiently to what the employee has to say, especially when dealing with any complaints that they may have. Last thing you want to do is to argue with them. Just simply say that you are sorry for not coming to an agreement. It’s better to let down your pride for a minute than to lose your business.

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