Carnivals around the corner

What’s a more better way to start this summer than a nice set of blog carnivals? Finding a big bag filled with a million dollars would be nice but I somewhat doubt that’s gonna end up happening. Here are some of the carnival of this week, check them out.

Clever Dude hosted the 103rd edition of the carnival of personal finance. He has an awesome theme based on the big time tv show 24 and basically sums up all the articles in an 24 hours story line. If you have not visited the carnival yet I strongly suggest that you go and visit. Here are some articles from the carnival that caught my interest.

  1. A Penny Saved submited a piece called The cost of not doing yard work.
  2. We’re in Debt wrote an article called Love and marriage: The joint account.
  3. Tricia from Blogging Away Debt performed a Personal Finance Interview.

David from My Two Dollars hosted the 77th edition of the Festival of Frugality. Don’t forget to check out the editors choice! Again, here are 3 more articles that I liked from the festival.

  1. Paul from Wise Bread shares 10 Frugal Things to Try Before you Die.
  2. Free Money Finance explains How to Have a Wedding for Under$200.
  3. Bill from AskUncle Bill posts How to Save a Million Dollars.

No Credit Needed Network hosted the 90th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. The carnival is broken down into simple sections so it is really easy to follow.

  1. Ben from Money Smart Life wrote How to Talk your Way into Debt.
  2. My Money and My Life presents To Pay Off or Not to Pay Off.
  3. Credit Card Lowdown shares How Credit Card Rate Jacks Actually Works.

Don’t forget to check these carnivals out, there were so many great articles I couldn’t post all of them here. Have a great week.

  1. Thanks for the mention. You have a really nice blog here that I somehow have never found before. I’m excited to read on!

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