10 Reasons why I Love to Budget

piggybank.jpgSo whats the big deal with budgeting and why is it so important? Let me tell you why I love to budget, I have ten reasons and maybe you might see for your self the reason for its importance. Here they are:

  1. Big Awareness. Through budgeting, it keeps me aware of how much I spend on the daily basis.
  2. Saves me money. By knowing whats coming ahead and being able to plan, it helps me to spend less and less every month.
  3. Smart planning. Knowing how much money I have allocated, daily budgeting keeps me financially aware of my situation.
  4. Puts me in the right direction. Helps me to reach my financial goals.
  5. Helps me Prioritize. By keeping a nice balanced budget, I don’t have room to always buy things that I want. Instead, I need to make sure that I am able to buy the things that I need first before being able to buy anything else.
  6. It just feels good. The satisfaction of spending within my allocated funds is a great feeling and an accomplishment.
  7. Helps reduce debt. Financial planning and strict budgeting is a great way to help reduce debt.
  8. Keeps me in a positive financial mind set. When I’m consistently around numbers and percentages, I’m always being reminded to keep going.
  9. I love numbers. I love to calculate and to see how I’m improving from month to month.
  10. Organized. Being able to plan my budget has definitely helped me to be more of an organized person.
  11. (Extra)I’m ready for those emergencies. Life is unpredictable and you never know what’s heading your way. Being on a budget prepares me for those emergency times when I need those extra few bucks.

Budgeting is a very nice way to keep track of all your expenses and it also helps you stay organized. The best thing is it only takes about 20 minutes per week. I recomend using this program called pear budget. Its an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of how much you spend on the daily casis. If you want to give it a try, you can download it for free here.

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  1. Excellent reasons!

    I’m new to budgeting. Until recently, I just paid bills as they came in, but I definitely think I could save more if I actually paid attention and planned for expenses.

    This is my first month tracking my expenses so I can create a budget next month. I’ll be back to your blog to read some more of your tips!

  2. Big Saver,
    Budgeting is definitely a rewarding experience. Let me know if you need help getting started :)
    Also, as mentioned in the article, Pear budget is an excellent way to keep track of your expenses. Should give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

  3. Hi Andy. Nice post!

    As it was mentioned above it is rewarding to budgeting, but we have to also think about our life that we only living once and money is always coming and going by saying this I mean we should budget to keep ourselves financially safe, leting us safe money for special plans or occasions or for any emergency as well but life it is not only about saving we should spend as well but it should be smart spending :)

  4. You always have to anticipate that “something” is going to happen and it feels good to have that extra stash of cash that you saved away.
    Alot of people tend to be in the mode of “well, if it happens, I’ll worry about it then” And when it does happen and it turns out that whatever it is will cost them a big chunk of change, then they are stuck because they did not save for just such a situation.

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