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Busy busy busy! Finals are right around the corner and I tell ya it’s gonna be hectic. I know I’ve been a little idle here with my posts this past week but I hope to get these finals out the way as soon as possible so that I could dedicate more time into the site. Meanwhile, here are some finance articles that caught my eye, check these out.

  • Money for Military wrote an article titled, Military Taxes Refund. He makes a very good point, why should we let the government keep our hard earned money and let them invest in it, while we could be using that for our own purposes and own investments. Although huge refunds always results in huge smiles, we need to realize…that’s our own money. Key point: try to pay just enough taxes to come out even!
  • PfAdvice explains why she Decided Not to Buy a House. Owning a home is definitely something that is looked upon as a great life accomplishment and a goal for many. However, buying a home is a great way to go but is not for everyone and in some cases, renting more secure and a safe play. “I also might miss out on losing a ton of money by buying at the peak of a market that so many people think is about to crash (or already in the process of crashing, or at least leveling out”
  • Digerati Life posted an article today called 5 Money and Currency Facts your History Teacher Never Told You. Fact #5: Do you know how the dollar sign ($) got invented?”Most people think the symbol for the US dollar is derived from the initials U and S superimposed on each other. Well this is false. It’s from the Spanish dollar sign. The US decided in 1782 that its basic unit of currency would be the Spanish dollar or peso. Its symbol was even then written as $, which was supposedly an ancient Phoenician sign indicating strength and sovereignty.” Fun facts are always welcome, thanks Digerati :)

Have a great week, keep up the reading!

  1. Thanks for the shout out on your site. Can I get added to your blogroll? I’m going to give you a recipricol shout out on my site. I’m adding you to my blogroll right now. Thanks.

    Brandon J
    Money for Military

  2. No Problem Brandon, also added ya to my blogroll :)

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