Carnivals around the corner

As always, there were a lot of great articles that were submitted to this weeks carnivals. I want to highlight and share some of them with you. So here are my weekly carnival roundups.

Golbguru hosted the 6th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories

  1. Lessons learned from being unemployed by wisebread
  2. Getting green posted How I live on $600 a month.
  3. Cash Flow is King by Reflection of a BizDrivenLife

*I want to thank Golbguru for the wonderful job hosting the carnival.  Although I only pulled 3 articles from the carnival all 16 were really good so if you haven’t visited the carnival yet, I suggest you stop by. Once again, thanks Golbguru.

Gina’s Tax Articles hosted the 13th edition of the Tax Carnival

  1. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity tells us where to get missing W-2s and 1099s.
  2. Pizza Delivery Story explains how to claim their unreimbursed business miles.
  3. Free Money Finance explains why cash rebates are not taxable

MapGirls Fiscal Challenge hosts 90th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance

  1. FiveCentNickel presents How to Profit from 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers.
  2. Frugal Lunch by Clever Dudette from CleverDude.
  3. BluntMoney explains why he bought a condo at 21

I hope later this week I will be able to post some more. Spring break is coming up in about a week and a half so that should finally give me some free time. I’m looking forward to it :)

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