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street-carnival.jpgHey guys, how was everyone’s weekend? Mines was very busy but it was very productive :). I know that I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual but I hope that will change sometime next week or so. I know this week I’m still going to be busy with school and work so please bare with me.

Okay so here are some of the carnivals for the week. I pulled out 3 articles from each carnival that I liked, enjoy reading.
The Digerati Life hosted the 5th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories

  1. Ask uncle Bill presents, Thinking outside box.Golbguru
  2. golbguru writes The Story Of My Investment IMotorcycleSharon
  3. Sharon shares How I Milk Sacred Cows CashGolbguru

Golbguru hosted the 75th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

  1. Paul from ExtremeProspective says Shift Your Thinking to Reduce Debt
  2. King of Debt at We’re in debt wrote Breaking Down Your debt
  3. Bankruptcy Reader gives us Top 10 Reasons Why America is leading the World in Bankruptcy Filing

Trent hosted the 88th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

  1. CJ from CoinJar posts Woman’s good CoinJaral sense leads to windfall.
  2. Stubborn Capitalist brings us 9 fallacies of the poor.
  3. Money and values brings Salary negotiations and the gender gap.

Lazy Man and Money hosted the 62nd edition of Festival of Frugality.

  1. Ask Mr. Creditcard gives advice on How to get the best car deal.
  2. A silver lining tells us that its possible to Reuse old calenders.
  3. Debt Consolidation Lowdown writes Children and Money.
  1. Hi Andy,
    Great list!
    Just a quick question — is Golbguru in your mind quite a bit? I see you mention him around 4 times! ;)
    take care,

  2. Well, I guess it’s just a coincidence. Hey, what can I say, he’s doing a great job over at his blog :)

  3. You guys flatter me. :)

    Andy thanks much. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the mention!
    Take Care!
    With school and work, you have a very full plate. Thanks for taking the time to pull together a helpful summary of the carnivals.

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