More Carnivals…

So today I was featured in the 2nd edition of carnival of debt management over at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. Thanks for hosting Sagar! I particularly liked Steve’s article on Debt Consolidation Loan Problems You Must Avoid.

This past Monday, the 4th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories was hosted over at Binary Dollar. Henry did a fantastic job hosting which in total had 16 money stories articles, go check it out! I also want to mention our next Carnival of Money Stories (edition #5), which will be hosted on February 19th over at Digerati life. You can submit you money story article here at Blog Carnival.

  1. Thanks for the intro, Andy. I think that the last sentence of the post got munged? The link for submitting the money story article is missing? Looking forward to hosting!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out.

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