Feeling of being debt free

money.gifI just can’t wait until I become debt free. Once I get out of debt, I will be so happy and relieved. I don’t think you can ever know what the stress feels like of being in debt, worrying day and night over how much you can payoff that week, until you actually experience it.

In the world of finance, I think the power of feeling debt free is one of the strongest because once you get to that point, your attitude towards saving and being frugal is perfectly in tuned. When you get in the habit of saving and pinching every nickle to pay off that credit card, it’s hard to quite, kinda like an addiction. Saving and being frugal is all about the attitude in my book. If you got the attitude, it no longer feels like an obligation but rather the feeling becomes natural to live frugally and in turn becomes easier to manage as a hobby. 

Things are looking good though, I should be able to beat my clock counter. According to my deadline, which was April 26th, but I believe looking at my current situation that I can probably get out of debt by mid February. I’ll keep you up dated.

  1. I applaud your effort and will. I totally understand the stress and burden of debt. I finally have a plan and a budget and hope to be out of debt in 2.5-3 years at most. It hasn’t kept me up at night, but it’s definitely causing some anxiety issues. I just want it to be over with. Once we’re out of debt, we don’t have to worry about our job situations as much and we can be more free to do what we want.

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Clever dude, I really appreciate your comment and motivation.


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