5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Man, I’ve been really stomped with all my Finals and I’m finding it really hard to keep up with my site. But I was tagged by Binary dollar on Sunday to reveal 5 things you probably don’t know about me, along with JD at Get Rich Slowly, John Chow at JohnChow.com, JLP from AllFinancialMatters and the girl from ViolentAcres, so here they are.

5 Things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. Ran two Marathons back in high school in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  2. I play the guitar and currently learning to play the piano
  3. Have a sister I’ve never met before
  4. I got to shoot around with Magic Johnson at a public basketball court.
  5. I have competed in the two All State Martial Arts Competition in Arizona and Hawaii.

I am now tagging FireFinance, super saver at MyWealthBuilder, Tricia at blogging away debt and Amdollar from American Dollar.

  1. Thanks for the tag. I am now double tagged:-) I’ll be posting my response this weekend.

  2. FIRE Finance - trackback on December 14, 2006 at 1:08 pm

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