Are you a Freebie Junkie?

I got to admit, I love gettin free stuff, I guess everyone does right? But there is a line that differentiates me from being a freebie junkie. It maybe painful for some of you to admit but you’re a freebie junkie when… 

  • You do your Christmas shopping at
  • You register on Fuddruckers email list to get a coupon for a free milkshake.
  • You go to the mall to look for free samples at the food court.
  • You get mad when you don’t recieve any free coupons in the mail.
  • You pack up on the free sample shampoos.
  • Took a typing class so you could fill our freebie request forms faster.
  • You have enough mouse pads to carpet your room.zoidberg.jpg
  • You donate food you get for free to charities.
  • You find your top searches in google to be “Free samples”
  • Finding free legal MP3′s to download.
  • You have  bookmarked on your favorites.
Well there you have it. Does this sound like you?

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